Cornwall College Old Boys Association, Mid-Atlantic and Sandals Foundation
Partner to Build Information Technology Capacity in Schools

Brooklyn, New York – Having recently acquired Information Technology (IT) equipment that
will benefit 21 Jamaican schools, members of Cornwall College Old Boys Association, Mid
Atlantic chapter (CCOBAMA) will assemble with alumni of several other Jamaican schools at
Lenox Road Baptist Church located at 1356 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY on Saturday February
12, 2022, at 7:00 AM, to prepare and crate the IT equipment for shipping to Jamaica.

More Than 30,000 Jamaican Students to Benefit

Items to be shipped include Cisco switches, access points, desktop computers, iPads, laser
printers, server racks and more. According to Neville Bell, CCOBAMA Special Projects
Coordinator, “We recently acquired technological items that far exceeded the needs of our alma
mater Cornwall College, so we decided to share the wealth with other Jamaican public schools.
With the 21 schools we have identified for assistance, we expect more than 30,000 Jamaican
students will be positively impacted.”

A Demonstration of Good Will and Collaboration

The bulk of the information technology equipment for this shipment was donated by private
companies in New York and New Jersey in association with the Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E charity.
Non-digital equipment, such as face shields and goggles, were donated by Cultural/Goodwill
Ambassador from Saint Lucia, West Indies, Taj Weekes’ TOCO Foundation.

The Sandals Foundation, affirming their longstanding commitment to the development of
education of Jamaica’s youth and building the capacity of schools to close the digital divide, has
pledged their support for this project. So too has the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations
(UJAA) on behalf of their member organizations. CCOBAMA has also been working in
consultation with the National Education Trust, Ltd, e-Learning Jamaica Company Ltd., and the
Jamaica’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to ensure donated items are shipped
with strict adherence to procedures and specifications in Jamaica.

Sending digital equipment to Jamaican schools will have a significant impact on the blended
learning format currently being used in Jamaica and it will allow these schools to better prepare
for a full return to in-person learning. This effort, spearheaded by CCOBAMA and supported by
so many like-minded Jamaicans living in the diaspora, is a significant example of
philanthropy and collaboration during the continuing pandemic.

The assistance offered to the 21 schools extend beyond just providing the IT equipment. The
CCOBAMA has also assembled a group of IT professionals in the diaspora who will lend their expertise to the schools to help in their efforts to set up robust IT infrastructures.

These professionals are alumni of various Jamaican high schools, including Cornwall College, Maldon and Wolmer’s High Schools.

The CCOBAMA is also seeking the assistance of individuals and corporations to help to defray
the cost of upgrades and shipping the items to Jamaica. Our media partners IrieJam Radio in New York will be providing coverage of Saturday’s proceedings at Lenox Road Baptist Church with simulcasting on The Bridge FM in Jamaica.

For more information, press only:
PR Contact Name: Neville Bell
Phone number: 215-300-4778
Email: NevilleBell70@gmail.com

For more information about CCOBAMA:
Website: www.CCOBAMA.org