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The act of giving is one that can have enormous meaning to a child’s life. It also impacts the families and love ones in that student’s life. The ability to drastically alter and improve the learning trajectory of one Cornwallian child is something that is dear to my heart. So the ability to help students from other schools, which will in turn help Jamaica as a whole is blessing.

Giving back is what we live for, helping and impacting over 30,000 students lives is things of miracles.

If we really look hard within ourselves, we would see that someone, somewhere assisted us in some form or fashion when we were at that similar stage in life. Maybe even at a later stage but we got some help. The need really manifested itself even more during this Covid-19 period when students were away from the classrooms. A lot of them did not have proper access or equipment, sometimes no equipment or access whatsoever and would not be able to get even a remote class session done. The need is great and will take a lot of lifting to penetrate all the technological deficiencies that our students face. This is why action was needed. Each one of us can do something to help alleviate the need of this younger generation. Almost all of you know a student that will benefit from this donation and there are lots more that’s still waiting that really need help. It’s heartbreaking for me as someone in IT to see companies toss equipment in the trash (and toss it so hard that it is broken beyond repairs) instead of finding schools that could use these same equipment to transform the lives of kids, and give it to them.

I’ve recently had parents that I’ve assisted personally reached out to me with so much gratitude and love for our gesture of assisting their child with a computer…

This is life transforming..

Our goal is to talk with all the companies that we can about this….

Influence others to give…

The point is that without those who can give back doing it, our young Jamaicans we be left behind.

Encourage any company or anyone you know in a position to give to visit our website at and become a giving partner. Effort such as these will only serve to improve our students, our schools, and our beautiful and talented Island of Jamaica.

We want to take time out to thank our partners Sandals Foundation for their huge contribution to this cause that is so dear them as well as they also want to see a bright future for the next generation of Kids. Thanks to my team on the ground that steps up at every opportunity like Trevor Tomlinson, Claude Howard, Jimmy & Mark Cummings, for the work that you all put in to make this a success. Again none of this was possible without the laser focus attitude of Sir Neville Bell. Thanks again for your tireless work ethic on this project. Again we say a huge thank you to Sandals Foundation and The Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA), Taj Weekes’/TOCO foundation, and  Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E Charity, for joining forces with us for the betterment of Jamaica’s schools. Thanks to the folks at Lenox Baptist Church in NY for allowing us to use their facilities for packing and crating. Thanks to the beautiful ladies from Mobay-High, Mt Alvernia, Herbert Morrison, to name a few and Damion and the Munroe Old Boys that contributed tremendously to get us here. Thanks to Bunny and the Maldon crew for stepping up big-time with donations and time.

Huge thanks to Neville Lee for coming on this journey with us by providing us with all the needed equipment, so much that we had to share, we pray that your store room will always be overflowing with blessings. Thanks to Bishop McCray for allowing us to use the Norristown Church of God building as our staging ground to get units ready. Jermaine Myrie, Timoy Barrett and Mark Rhoden for unpacking and repacking the vehicles.

Thanks again to my Mid-Atlantic Team, headed by Neville Bell and Trevor Tomlinson and everyone that participated in this successful collaboration, even if it was just by sending a message to friends asking for their help because you couldn’t be there yourself due to your schedule. Those who couldn’t be with us today, we are sorry you missed out on an awesome and fun-filled get-together.

We will continue to make our mark and our hard work and dedication will show great rewards for the children of the future. We now look forward to more companies and individuals joining forces with us for the transformation that’s about to take place throughout Jamaican Schools.

Thanks again and keep up the excellent job everyone.

Michael Williams

President – CCOBAMA 

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