Bridging the digital divide, one school at a time

In March 2022, Cornwall College Old Boys Association, Mid-Atlantic chapter (CCOBAMA) donated IT equipment to 25 schools in Jamaica. These items included Cisco network switches, wireless access points, desktop computers, laptops, iPads, server racks and more.


The project impacted the education of over 30,000 students across 8 parishes in Jamaica.

A Demonstration of Good Will and Collaboration

Partnering with several non-profits in the tri-state area such as Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E charity. Non-digital equipment, such as face shields and goggles, were donated by Cultural/Goodwill Ambassador from Saint Lucia, West Indies, Taj Weekes’ TOCO Foundation. Enough cannot be said about the tremendous corporate assistance we have received from Dennis Shipping, Royal Caribbean Foods/Caribbean Foods Delight and Hostos College.

One of the major sources of equipment we have received are sourced through eRecycle events, open to individuals and corporate entities. This has been made possible by our partnership with B&L Disposal Services who have graciously provided access to the governmental entities with whom they have contracted services.


The Sandals Foundation, affirming their longstanding commitment to the development of education of Jamaica’s youth and building the capacity of schools to close the digital divide, provided much needed support for this project. So too did the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA) on behalf of their member organizations. CCOBAMA worked in consultation with the National Education Trust, Ltd, e-Learning Jamaica Company Ltd., and the Jamaica’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to ensure donated items are shipped with strict adherence to procedures and specifications in Jamaica.

CCOBAMA is in final stages of preparation for Phase II. Another round of digital equipment slated to be donated to as many as 30 schools, from the infant school level through high school.

As you can imagine the increase in inflation has impacted the expenses of our philanthropic endeavors. We are seeking the assistance of individuals and corporations to help to defray the cost of upgrades and shipping the items to Jamaica. Please consider donating to this most worthy cause by clicking the donate button Above


Thank you.