Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We must act aggressively and decisively to secure our children’s future

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We must act aggressively and decisively to secure our children’s future by getting them back into the classroom to be educated without delay. While we praise the recent news of breakthroughs in the COVID-19 vaccine research and the reports are certainly positive, we recognize that any approved vaccine is unlikely to make it to our shores until mid-2021 at the earliest. As we await those developments, we must protect our children.

To facilitate the return of children to the classrooms, we must help to equip the schools with the tools they need to make the environment safer for the students, teachers, and staff.

It would be easy for our organization to solely focus on the school for which we are an alumni chapter. That decision would be shortsighted as the students of our institution do not exist in a bubble. The students, teachers and staff of our institution, come into contact with students, teachers, and staff of other institutions on a daily basis as many also live in the same households.

To protect one, we must take steps to protect all.

There are currently 450,000+ students in Jamaica in grade 1 through grade 12 (6th form). These students are enrolled in 1,170 institutions island wide. This campaign seeks to provide these institutions with equipment that will serve to strengthen the safety protocols to facilitate the return of students to the classrooms.


Consistent with best practices, we have identified four items that we believe will be of significance to the schools in their fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and also with regard to general hygiene.

These supplies and equipment are important as basic hygiene tools for the school population.


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Infrared testing

Infrared no-contact digital thermometers: Eliminates the need to use oral thermometers, minimizing the risk of cross contamination and allowing for the segregation of symptomatic individuals.

Hand sanitization

Hand sanitization stations: This is an essential item for the promotion of good hygiene and is needed, whether or not the threat of Covid-19 exists

Sneeze guards

Sneeze guards: Coupled with proper social distancing practices, the use of sneeze guards serves as a barrier from projection of aerosols.

Face Masks

Face Masks: United States Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Robert Redfield stated face masks may provide more protection than coronavirus vaccine.

Additionally, the manufacture of masks will be done locally in an effort to stimulate the local economy.

To procure these items, we need your help. No donation is too small.

For donations of US $250 or more (or equivalent in donor’s currency) you may designate a school for which the funds are intended by stating the name of the school and parish in which it is located. This information will be tracked and shared. Unspecified funds will be included in the general fund and distributed accordingly.

We will periodically update the GoFundMe campaign at with amounts that are designated for individual schools as well as the overall progress of the campaign. You can also view updates on our website at

Thank you for helping to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.



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