2020 President’s Address

Cornwall College Old Boys Association Mid-Atlantic Inc

June 20, 2020

2019 – 2020 President’s Message Tabled: 2020 Annual General Meeting  

Let me start by thanking everyone who supported us in the past year. 2019 represented our 2nd year as a legal entity and despite that fact we have already proven that we have taken our roles as stakeholders of our alma mater, “on the hill by the sea” seriously and have delivered on initiatives undertaken.

By the end of our first year, which was officially April 16, 2019. We had already shipped and had installed the computers for the AutoCAD laboratory in Phase I of the project. Within 5 days of arrival of the computers at the school, they were used for CSEC examinations. That is what you call making an impact.  We must thank the South Florida, Central Florida and New York Chapters in helping us to offset the costs. We have already begun Phase II of the project and have secured computers and servers through Adrian, donated by Blank Rome. Phase II is the initiative that saw us launch our first GoFundMe campaign. The funds from that campaign have already provided for the acquisition of new hard drives, and in the coming weeks we intend to purchase the remaining computers and projectors as the school moves towards a blended learning format. Towards that end a digital microscope has already been acquired for the Biology Laboratory. We hope to work with the South Florida chapter on modernizing the lab.

We intend to deliver the items listed above to the school prior to the start of the 2020 school year.  

We assisted our member Adrian Kerr, who along with the class of ’85, supplied the school with the hardware and technical knowledge to now provide the school with access to internet campus wide. To secure the hardware, we provided security cages for equipment located in vulnerable areas. 

We hosted our inaugural Fish Fry and Dominoes Tournament, and despite the learning pains, the venture was successful. 2020 was not so lucky as the COVID-19 crisis prevented us from hosting our tournament this year.

We provided starting blocks to the school prior to the 2019 Champs and successfully hosted our young Men of Might who traveled to Philadelphia for the 2019 Penn Relays. We also donated to the school a trainer’s table to be used by the athletic department.

Jumping to a call of action, we provided funds for a staff appreciation ceremony that had to be delayed due to COVID-19 concerns. Rest assured the funds have been segregated for future use towards that endeavor.

We are young and small in numbers, but I believe it is safe to way WE ARE MAKING AN IMPACT.

In the coming year, fundraising will be challenging as in-person events may suffer from a lack of turn out. We must be creative and strategic in our approach. Working with other groups will have its benefits, but only if we all chip in to make it work.

For 2020 we should consider the following ·

  • Completing Phase II of the AutoCAD Project
  • Assisting the school in securing PPE for students and staff
  • Upgrade of Science Laboratories
  • Prepare for the potential return to “normalcy” and the 2021 Penn Relays
  • Identify means of fundraising with minimal in-person contact
  • Decide on a marquee event (post covid concerns)

I know we can do these things successfully.  If we think back to our National Pledge, we must remember that pledged to find ways to “Play our part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race. Thank you in advance for the work ahead.

Neville Bell President

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