Share The Wealth Phase 1

Our organization has been working over the last few years to improve the technology infrastructure at Cornwall College. In 2019, we donated a computer laboratory dedicated to AutoCAD education. Since that time, we have completed other projects at the institution. A list of completed projects may be viewed on our website at In pursuing this initiative and others, we have forged relationships with various companies as they seek to upgrade equipment at their various locations.

We were recently offered equipment that far exceeds the need at Cornwall College. We chose to not only accept what we need for Cornwall College; we accepted the lot. In doing so, we are now in position to help other institutions in Jamaica. We have been working diligently over the past few months to identify schools in need of the equipment we have acquired.

We assisted twenty-five public schools during Phase I of this project, with an impact on over thirty thousand students in Jamaica.

These schools are located in the parishes of St. Elizabeth, Hanover, St, James, Trelawny, St. Mary, Manchester, Clarendon, St. Catherine and Kingston.

The assistance offered to the schools extend beyond just providing equipment to these institutions. We have assembled a group of professionals in Information Technology, who have offered their expertise to these schools to assist in their efforts to create robust IT infrastructures. These professionals are alumni of various schools in Jamaica, Cornwall College, Maldon High and Wolmer’s High schools who have all made themselves available for consultation free of cost.

All equipment were upgraded the equipment to exceed the minimum required Ministry of Education specifications and to provide additional peripherals.

On March 9th we distributed
93 desktops
135 laptops
155 Cisco network switches
183 Cisco Wireless Access Points
and numerous other peripherals.

This represents the successful completion of Phase I.