Regular membership in the association shall be open only to past students of Cornwall College.

Membership of the association shall consist of those individuals who are members as of the adoption of the organization’s constitution and who may from time to time be admitted to membership in such manner as may be prescribed in the bylaws.

The annual dues for members of CCOBAMA, Inc is $120.00

If you are interested in becoming a member of Cornwall College Old Boys’ Association – Mid Atlantic, Inc, please email us at CCOBAMidAtlantic@gmail.com.

If already a member and you would like to pay your annual dues, please use the PayPal link below.  Please include the name of the member in the message section.

Double click to open CCOBAMA Membership Form



Many banks now offer QuickPay services such as Zelle®. Log into your bank’s App on your phone or your Online Banking profile.  Select transfer funds and once logged in to Zelle, create and save a new recipient (CCOBAMA) then add our email in the contact field CCOBAMidAtlantic@gmail.com.  Once these steps are completed, you will be able to designate the amount to be donated. The service is free and our account is instantly credited once the transaction is completed. Be sure to provide your name and an email address, to which a donation confirmation letter will be sent.

Wire Transfer

If donating via a wire transfer, please contact us at CCOBAMidAtlantic@gmail.com for wire instructions.