“Share the Wealth” Initiative

Our organization has been working over the last few years to improve the Information technology infrastructure at Cornwall College. (A list of completed projects may be viewed on our website at www.CCOBAMA.org) In pursuing this initiative and others, we have forged relationships with various companies as they seek to upgrade equipment at their various locations. We were recently offered equipment that far exceeds the need at Cornwall College. We will be sharing the donation with other institutions in Jamaica. We have identified schools in need of the equipment we have acquired. The following is a list of the schools where the need has been identified and will be assisted with this project:

Mount Alvernia High School (St James) Montego Bay High School (St James) Cornwall College (St. James)
Saint Elizabeth Technical High School (St. Elizabeth) Herbert Morrison High School (St James) Munro College (St. Elizabeth)
Green Island High School (Hanover) Mary Mount High School (St. Mary) Anchovy High School (St. James)
Westwood High School (Trelawny) Albion High School (St James) Vin Codling Basic School (St. James)
Knockalva High School (Hanover) Corinaldi Primary (St James) Central High School (Clarendon)
Lennon High School (Clarendon) Infant School (St James) Chaddi Donaldson School (St.Catherine)
Denbigh Primary School (Clarendon) Manchester High School (Manchester) Camperdown College (Kingston)

  The equipment being donated (to date)

  • 107 Cisco 3750X switches with 24 and 48 ports
  • 60 Cisco 2960 switches
  • Server rack with self-contained cooling unit
  • 100 Cisco Access Points
  • 103 All-in-One Dell desktop computers
  • 14 HP (Black and White) laser printers – Models M553 and M602 (13 additional printers have been donated, of various models)
  • 65 SFPs

Cisco switches are networking devices that computers, servers, and peripherals (e.g.: printers, scanners, etc.) are connected to, to create a network. Access Points are like your typical house router, that provide wireless connectivity to the internet or intranet. SFPs (Small Form Pluggable Transceiver) are devices that inserted in each switch that allows connectivity from fiber optic cabling to copper cabling within the device. The assistance offered to the schools extend beyond just providing equipment to these institutions. We have assembled a group of professionals in IT, who have offered their expertise to these schools to assist in their efforts to create robust IT infrastructures. These professionals are alumni of various schools in Jamaica, Cornwall College, Maldon and Wolmer’s high schools who have all made themselves available for consultation free of cost. Each school is responsible for their own installations of equipment. Schools that require technical assistance to complete the installation will be assisted by our assembled team. Please note. The end user for each and every donated item will be pre- determined and pre-approved by the National Education Trust (NET) with accompanying documentation, prior to shipping. The process will be as follows. Each school will complete their own individual NET form, indicating the item/s on the list they have agreed to accept as donations. There will be one master NET form for shipping purposes with an accompanying breakout for end users. The totals from the master list and the combination of the individual lists must match. It is our intention to secure, crate and ship these items to Jamaica in the coming weeks. We have been working with E-Learning to fully understand the framework in which we are about to operate. Working with the National Education Trust will ensure the taxes and fees within their purview are waived. However, there will be additional fees that will need to be paid to private entities at the port, and several of the schools being helped do not have the budget to cover these costs. In April 2021, our donation to Cornwall College had in excess of US$11,000 in fees levied by private entities at the port. Although we cannot predict the fees that will be levied against this shipment, we have utilized our experience to establish our likely cost, estimating that it may fall in line with the costs incurred from last year’s donation.