Ricordo McKenzie

Name: Ricordo O. Mckenzie

Class of 2013. (6th form 2015)

Sporting events participated in while at CC: Track and field and cricket

Clubs participated in while at CC: Debate

High school alias: Macky

University: Chicago State University, Senior and will be heading to Grad school.

Major: Graphic Design

Graduating year: 2020

Current Location: Chicago, Illinois

Current Occupation: Student

Scholastic Accomplishments:

Dean’s List 2016 – 2020

Chicago State University HonorsRoll 2016 – 2020

Honors College

Graduating Honors – Cum Laude.

Scholar athlete 2016-2020, All-WAC academic.

Athletic Accomplishments:

Cornwall College

Represented Jamaica on the Carifta Team in 2012.

Chicago State University

WAC Athlete of the Week 2018 and 2020

Men’s track MVP 2016 – 2020

Housing and Residence Life Athlete of the Year 2016-17 and 2017-18


  • WAC 200m Champion 2019 & 2020
  • WAC 200m Silver Medalist 2018
  • WAC 60m Silver Medalist 2019 & 2020


  • 200m Silver Medalist 2019
  • 100m Silver Medalist 2019
  • 4x100m Champion 2019


  • 300m – 34.42 School Record
  • 200m – 21.23 PB and School Record outdoors
  • 200m – 21.41 PB and School Record indoors
  • 100m – 10.47 PB
  • 60m – 6.80 PB
  • 4x100m – 39.56 School Record
  • 4x200m – 1:27:57 School Record

How did Cornwall College prepare you?

Cornwall College was very crucial in my development as a student and as an athlete. During my time at Cornwall College, I learned how to be consistent and independent. While at Cornwall I had to learn to lead by example and take initiatives. We did not have as much resources, so we had to become more creative with what we had. Being a leader was one of the most important and beneficial things I could have adopted from Cornwall College, as it immediately became a tool as soon as I came to America to study. Cornwall played a very important role in the strong mentality I am display most of the time and also in my character development. Being a Cornwallian meant that I was part of the finest group young men in St James, Jamaica, and I proudly embraced and carry myself as such to this day. Hence, Cornwall College helped to equip me adequately enough to the point where I was able to use mentality, image, and persona to not only make a name for myself at Chicago State but to leave an indelible mark in the school history books as a student and as an athlete.

Favorite school memory: Favourite Teachers: Ms. Campbell, Ms. Banton, Mr. Chambers.

My Favorite memory was being recognized for making the Carifta team to Bermuda in 2012. It was announced during the morning devotion that was taking place in the general assembly area. As Mr. Denham McIntyre, called me up the stairs for the entire school to acknowledge me and give their best wishes. I was simply overjoyed and moved by the experience. It was the first in many years that a Cornwallian had qualified for the Carifta team to represent Jamaica and I was thrilled to have somewhat rebooted the school’s athletic program to show my fellow schoolmates that we have what it takes— right here in our school.

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