Orelle Bulgin

Name: Orelle Bulgin

Class of 2016

Sporting events participated in while at CC: Track & Field

High school alias: Bolli

University: Chicago State University, Senior

Major: Physics Bioscience

Graduating year: 2020

Current Location: Chicago, Illinois

Current Occupation: Student-Athlete, Tutor  and Teacher’s Assistant

Scholastic Accomplishments:

  • President’s Honor Roll (2017 – Present)
  • University Honor Roll (2017-Present)
  • Dean’s List (2017-Present)
  • Physics Departmental Honors (04/04/19)
  • Delta Alpha Freshman Honorary Society (2017-2018)
  • Epsilon Beta Sophomore Honors Society (2018-2019)
  • Beta Epsilon Junior Honor Society (2019-2020)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honors Society (2019-2020)
  • Student Achievement Award (2019-2020) (University award)
  • Lambda Delta National Honors Society (2018-2019)
  • The National Society of Black Physicist (2019)
  • Society of Physics Students (2019)
  • Certificate of Outstanding Service in The Pre-Freshman Program in Engineering and Science (July 2019)
  • Intern at the University of Mississippi for Computational Physics (June 2019)
  • Research at Chicago State University on the Wind Tunnel under Dr. Pittman. (July-August 2019)
  • Selected to intern at Northern Illinois University REU (Summer 2020)
  • Selected to intern at CERN National Laboratory in Geneva Switzerland (Summer 2020)
  • Tutor at the learning Assistant Center (September 2017-Present)
  • Learning Assistant for Chemistry and Physics (2018-Present)

Athletic Accomplishments: Chicago State University

  • Track & Field (2017-Present) (Triple Jump)
  • Track & Field Captain (2019-Present)
  • Cross Country Member(2019-Present)
  • Western Athletic Conference Indoor Academic All-Conference (2017,2018,2019,2020)
  • Western Athletic Conference Outdoor Academic All-Conference (2017,2018,2019,2020)
  • Western Athletic Conference Cross Country Academic All-Conference (2019)
  • Western Athletic Conference first team All WAC bronze Medalist (2019 indoor)
  • Western Athletic Conference first team All WAC silver Medalist (2019 outdoor)
  • Western Athletic Conference second team All WAC finalist (2020 indoor)


How did Cornwall College prepare you?

Reflecting on my achievements and where I am at this point in my life, I have to analyze and appreciate the factors that played a definite role in helping me be the person I am today. One such factor and constant in my journey has been the school on the hill beside the sea, Cornwall College. It is always with undoubted honor to say I went to Cornwall College but for me Its always I am a Cornwallian. The lifestyle you live is basically who you are and only a true Cornwallian would agree. Throughout my tenure there, I have always been a track & field athlete and a good student. Representing Cornwall College came with great pride and an overwhelming feeling that you want to keep reliving. The expectations that Cornwall came with was enough for you to adapt to a life of success and where failure was not an option. Life at Cornwall College was simply the best, the coaches, and teachers I encountered has steered me into the disciplined student athlete I am today .The competitiveness it throws at you will either make you or break you, and today I speak as a living testimony of how it made me into the person I am. I am still a student athlete, still a great student, still disciplined, still enthusiastic and most importantly, still a Cornwallian.

What words of encouragement/advice would you provide to current student/athletes?

When we are young, we tend to be sometimes exuberant, ignorant, indiscipline, complacent, and arrogant. All characteristics I have seen associated with student athlete over the years. While it is not the end of a person displaying these traits, I think it is unwise to live this way no matter the circumstance. Always remember it only takes an injury to make you topple from the pedestal you put yourself on. That is to say always be humble and focused on the bigger picture, this is bigger than you and me, think about the impact you can make around you and within you. Sports does not stop, nor it does not have to peak in high school. Use each block in life as a steppingstone to build a foundation on which your future can be based upon. The end goal does not have to be sports related, nor should it be solely sporting related. Anything can happen and its always good to remember you are also a student. Regardless of that fact, set your goals and ensure you do what is takes to achieve them.

I charge each and everyone to take charge of their lives, this is bigger than you and the team, be the best athlete and student you can be, be disciplined, do not follow the crowd and friends and the direction society tends to go in. Be outstanding in your own way, be a positive example to the people that may see you as their mentor as I will try my best to be that positive example to Cornwall College boys so ultimately they can become Men of Might.

Favorite school memory:

My favorite memories would probably be in the form of Mr. Denham McIntyre saying his signature quote at the end of morning devotions and I quote “Nothing great or worthwhile achieving was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” or my times at Champs representing the school, staying over in the dorms for upcoming track meets and just making fun at the expense of a classmate. However, nothing beats Mr. Myers, physics teacher for CAPE. I remember him saying lines like, “The physics sweet”, “learn the concept” and would always call you out on your wrongs and make you an example in the funniest and most humiliating way possible. I can remember him telling my classmate who was being out of line to “Tek a day from the classroom, as a matter a fact, tek a week.” If anyone knows Mr. Myers and the way how he would say it, it is the funniest thing you will ever hear.

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