Odaine Lewis

Iowa Central

Name: Odaine Lewis

Class of 2014 and 6th Form 2015

Sporting events participated in while at CC: Track and field and football

High school alias: Huxy, Huxhead

College or University: Iowa Central Community College and Texas Tech University

Class of 2020 (May, 2020)

Major: Human Sciences

Current Occupation: Athlete

Currently located: USA

Scholastic Accomplishments:


Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, IA

Associate of Arts                                                              January 2016 – December 2017

GPA: 3.6

Dean’s List:                                   Spring, 2016

Dean’s List:                                   Fall, 2016

Dean’s List:                                   Fall, 2017

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Tx                             January 2018 – May 2020

Bachelor of Science in Human Science                           May, 2020

GPA: 3.35   – Graduate

President’s Honor List :                                                       Spring, 2018

Dean’s List :                                                                         Fall, 2018

Dean’s List:                                                                          Fall, 2019

President’s Honor List                                                          Spring, 2020

Athletic Accomplishments:

Cornwall College

Cornwall College Triple Jump School Record Holder, 2014, Distance 15.86m

Carifta Games Triple Jump Champion                                                                     2014

Central American and the Caribbean Games Triple Jump Champion                     2014

World Junior Representative                                                                                    2014

Carifta Games bronze Medalist                                                                                2015

Penn Relays, Triple Jump Champion                                                                        2015

CAC and                  Penn Relays\

Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, IA 

Iowa Central Indoor Triple Jump Record Holder 2017, Distance 15.83m

NJCAA Indoor triple Jump Champion                                                                       2016 and 2017

4x NJCAA regional Champion                                                                                  2016-2017

Six times NJCAA All-American                                                                                 2016 – 2017

NJCAA Academic All- American                                                                               2016- 2017

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Tx

Texas Tech Outdoor Triple Jump, Record Holder 2018, Distance 16.73m

Iowa Central  1st Place

Big 12 Outdoor Long Jump Champion                                                                     2018

Big 12 Outdoor Triple Jump Runner up                                                                    2018

NCAA Outdoor Nationals Triple Jump Runner up                                                    2018

Two-time USTFCCCA All-American                                                                         2018

NCAA Academic All-American                                                                                  2018

NCAA Division One Indoor Field Athlete of the Year                                                2019

NCAA Division One Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year                                              2019

Academic All-Big 12 First Team                                                                                 2018 – 2019

Big 12 Indoor and Outdoor Champion                                                                       2018 – 2019

NCAA National Outdoor National Champion                                                             2019

CAC Games Representative / Colombia – 2018


How did Cornwall College prepare you?

Cornwall College is the main foundation of my success throughout my collegiate career. I have grown into a person who I believe Cornwall Collegehas laid the foundation to follow. The day I heard I passed my GSAT to attend one of the most noble institutions in Jamaica, the feeling of joy and happiness was beyond recognition . As a first generation child to attend such an institution I know what was required of me . While attending Cornwall College I faced many obstacles trying to change to the standard the school upholds, but initially I wasn’t the kid they thought could graduate from high school, but look a me now. Disrupting that change of stereotype. I will always be grateful for the colleagues, staff and teachers who have assisted me along the journey to be a proud graduate and a Man of Might, Class of 2014 to be exact . I will forever remember all the great things, the stories, the challenges, the running from Principals and Teacher, the constant support and last but not least the love I received from this great institution. It was a great journey. You will find people along the way, that is on the same mission but because of circumstances you all will travel a different route to the same destination.

What words of encouragement/advice would you provide to current student-athletes?

Being a student athlete is a job, if it was easy everyone would do it . This is one of the most challenging thing to do throughout college. I have reached points where I decided I want to stop, quit, close shop  or any of the general terms you use to describe the feeling. I wanted to give up, but when I look at all the benefits that a degree provides I had to push through. I would tell you about a story about when my dad died when I was in junior college, but this is one of the times of my life that I will save a story for another day .Being a student athlete requires discipline, hard work, consistency and dedication. You have to be able to handle high stress situations, you have to know how to practice good time management, you have to be a fighter, a warrior because only the fittest survives. Keeping your grades on a high note, showing up to practice on time and performing on a high level are some of the requirements to be a successful student athlete. Once you master those areas, you are unstoppable as Vybes Kartel said “runaway train.”

If you are a Student Athlete, you have to believe in your self, you have to find that drive that fuels you to be successful. What means the most to you? You have to decide that because that will come as a aid to bring the baton to the anchor leg . Once you see that finish line you won’t stop running. I used my family as my fuel because they are depending on me and trust me when I say this, disappointment is not a great feeling. College life for me was like battling up a steep slope, constant punches being thrown but I persevered. I knew what I wanted. I set my mind on that goal and I didn’t let anything stop me. Believe me or not, a lot of people are going to support what you are doing or believe in you but you have to show them you believe in yourself.

Once you believe in yourself there is nothing that can break you. You will have sleepless nights, you will have early morning lifting, you will have meetings at times you didn’t agree on but you have to compromise. Being a student athlete is a business, and what do you do in a business proposal? let me answer that for you, “You keep up your end of the bargain.” That’s all there is to it . Be respectful, there will be disagreements, there will be times you think some things aren’t necessary, but are you going to make pride get into your way? No. How bad do you want it then? I wanted it bad enough to where I had to vault the loss of my Dad, my cousin and my uncle all by gun violence and push through to the end and now I can properly grieve my love ones as I am in therapy at the moment. My brothers, my sisters, student athletes in general I will leave you all with this and if you instill it in your everyday lives you will be a runaway train “unstoppable’.’ And it goes by saying , “Nothing great, was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

With football and track teams

Favorite memory while at Cornwall College:

The simple things have a lasting impact: Hanging out with my brothers under the tree at Upper School


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