AutoCAD Project Phase II

Cornwall College, an all-boy high school based in western-Jamaica, is the third oldest secondary-learning institution of its kind in the region.

Founded in 1896, and guided by its motto, “Disce au Discede” – Learn or Leave – Cornwall College is one of the premier institutions for secondary education in the Caribbean.

Principal, Michael Ellis, who came to the school in 2018 brought with him a passion and intent to maintain the high standards and excellence that the noble institution is synonymous with. According to Mr. Ellis, “We want to return this noble institution to greatness and to reclaim lost pride and once again enjoy our original status as the premier high school for boys not just in Jamaica, but throughout the Caribbean.”

Operation Regain and Retain

A route to realizing this goal is “Operation Regain and Retain.” Implemented by Mr. Ellis, constitutes ten-guiding principles:

  1. Setting clear goals, standards and expectations for learning
  2. High-quality teaching and learning
  3. High standards of behavior for all
  4. A highly-structured classroom environment
  5. Continuous formative assessment
  6. Shared leadership
  7. Engendering a safe, positive, and inclusive school climate
  8. Utilizing traditional and non-traditional approaches to teaching and learning
  9. Using data to inform decision-making
  10. Celebrate success

Mr. Ellis identified both short-and-long term needs of the school and best practices to address these needs. One such, was the utilization of computers as a vital component of the Technical Drawing curriculum with the capability to run the AutoCAD software.

The “old boys” (alumni) associations of the institution have adopted this project and others, in an effort to fulfill the goals stated above.

The AutoCAD project was divided into two phases:



Provide sufficient computers so students in the senior class already enrolled in the Technical Drawing program would have them available in time for the sitting of the external examinations (CXC – CSEC).

Phase 1 of the AutoCAD project was completed in May 2019, in time for the sitting of the external examinations (CSEC) with strong support from the school’s Alumni. The first delivery of computers totaled 47 computers, which were used to furnished the new AutoCAD laboratory. The instructor was provided with the teaching aid of a Laptop and an overhead projector. The AutoCAD laboratory was secured with a new security door and window anti-burglary bars. Air conditioning was also installed to address the heat from the BTUs of heat from all computers running simultaneously.

AutoCAD Phase II

Provide sufficient computers and classroom space to expand the program to facilitate all students enrolled in the program at all grade levels. Provide instructors with the teaching aid of Laptops and Overhead projectors.
This Includes:

  • 90 computers
  • 3 Laptops
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit
  • Processor: 3 GHZ Intel Core i3 or greater
  • Hard Drive 500 GB
  • 3 short-throw projectors
  • 3 white boards
  • Air conditioning units
  • Additionally for the Biology laboratory, an electronic microscope, laptop and projector will be provided.

We are appealing to all! Help us to make this a reality, so that our young men and their instructors can maximize their true potential.
Cornwall College is our history. Our heritage. Let’s help to not only maintain its high standards, but to also reach for higher heights and help us shape the lives of our young men who ultimately are the future.
Let’s be a part of something exciting.
Something noble.

Cornwall College Old Boys’ Association – Mid Atlantic, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Donations are 100% tax deductible. See your tax advisor for details.

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Project update July 21, 2020