Dr. O’Neil Pyke

Man of Might…

Name: O’Neil J. Pyke, MD, MBA

Class of 1986

Sporting events participated in while at CC: U-14 Football

High school alias: None (that I recall)

College or University: Queens College, CUNY (BA); The Ohio State University (MD); Villanova University (MBA)

Major: Biology/Internal Medicine / Strategic Management / Data Analytics

Graduating year: 1997

Current Occupation: Physician & Healthcare Consultant

Company: PykeLife, LLC (Founder, Managing Partner)

Currently located: Mountain Top, PA

Scholastic Accomplishments: Senior Fellow, Society of Hospital Medicine

Athletic Accomplishments:  None

How did Cornwall College prepare you?

Cornwall College provided an excellent atmosphere to learn, creating the foundation for much of my social and academic achievements. I was an ordinary student at CC, never first in class, never the most popular. The teachers cared; some more than others, but in their own way encouraged a constant desire to learn – for me. That endures.

What words of encouragement/advice would you provide to current student or student-athletes?

This journey called life is not a race; at least not a race with anyone else. If anything, it is a race with yourself to see how much you can do with the gifts & time afforded you. Try not to be the bright candle that burns brightly for just high school or even college/university. Be the light that shines for much longer, even beyond your time here on earth. Constantly strive for better. Be a lifelong learner. And, try to always Pay It Forward. To whom much is given, much should be expected. But remember, for many of us who did not start with much, we are not off the hook. Always strive to seek ways to show love, compassion and kindness to all who you encounter. The education from CC created the foundation; the life that you live should be a tribute to all those who intentionally or inadvertently guided you to here, willing you to be the very best version of yourself. Be you, be healthy.

What is your favorite memory of Cornwall College?

Half loaf bread-beef patty and box drinks…under the old ackee tree…with the bunch of friends thinking of the next opportunity for mischief. Simple times…didn’t get much better than that.

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/oneil-pyke-md-mba-sfhm

 Alumni Chapter Affiliation: CCOBA MID-ATLANTIC INC